Pamela Ravasio

Pamela Ravasio

Pamela Ravasio

Head of CSR & Sustainability, European Outdoor Group (EOG)

The EOG is a membership association with over 90 corporate and 10 national associate members. It represents at least EUR 10 billion on retail sales level in Europe alone.

Pamela has accumulated around 20 years of global experiences, working for leading businesses, academia, and as a consultant, liaising closely with textile businesses, as well as NGOs. 

She is a widely published author in the textile field, and holds professional qualifications in corporate governance, textiles, CSR and sustainability, along with a PhD in industrial and production management.

Pamela is also the chair of the sustainability committee for the Federation of the European Sports Goods Industry (FESI). She is further a steering committee member for the Global Social Convergence project lead by the C&A Foundation, the Sustainability Apparel Coalition together with around 70 global signatory brands and manufacturers.

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