Electric cars racing around the world for 80 days

  • William Brittlebank

An international electric car race around the world started on 16 June and is scheduled to last for an estimated 80 days.

The 80edays ELDURO race is the second event of its kind and follows the 2012 edition.

The race is designed to promote the role of electric cars globally as a sustainable means of transportation around the world in all types of terrain and climates.

The race is also aimed at fostering innovation and development of EV technology to increase the distances that electric cars can cover without needing to stop for charging.

In addition to driving electric cars, the participants, to help offset the greenhouse gases produced by the event, will plant trees along the route.

Rafael de Mestre, who is at the origin of the race, was the first person, in 2012, to drive alone across the globe in an all-electric standard vehicle –a Tesla Roadster – in less than 200 days (127 days exactly).

On 16 June, the 14 participants departed from Barcelona, Spain, and they are now in North America, where the first check point of the continent was Halifax, Canada.

The teams will travel 25,000 km across 20 different countries and three continents –Europe, North America and Asia, where they have to pass checkpoints, but each team can choose its exact route.

They will be back to Barcelona for the end of the race.

Most of the teams are driving Tesla electric vehicles (EV), but the Chinese competitor chose a DENZA EV, a German car manufactured in China, to promote Chinese EVs.

Armand Figueras, team Spain, said: “It’s a dream of mine to travel the world by car and what better car to do it in than in a Tesla. It’s a once in a lifetime adventure for me... They’re just great grand touring cars…Fast, comfortable, silent, environmentally friendly. What else could you want?”